Exeter Road Community Primary School

'Every Child Can Succeed'


Minutes of the PTFA Meeting Tuesday 4th May 2021

Attended by; Justine, Liz, Sadie, Paul, Alison, Angela and Beverly.

  1. Apologies from Lorraine, Diana and Amy.
  2. Easter trail raised £90.00 – Fantastic response and support for this event, everyone seemed to enjoy it. However Sadie had to spend a lot of time managing this event. Next time we will need more people to help with the email contact incase of people getting lost. Justine suggested an anagram trail with actual house numbers and address’s on where they collect letters on the trail and take home to work out the word the letters spell out. Sadie also mentions possibly linking up with google maps to make it more straightforward. We all agreed on running a summer trail, Pumpkin trail and a Christmas trail this year.
  3. Bake off Competition raised £11.50 – suggestions were made that his competition would be better for non covid times when we can sell the cakes or bring them in for tasting. Also maybe not have a specific recipe and use what people have in their cupboards. Also run this as a free competition in line with the bake off programme.
  4. ParentKind App – They set up our own website where we can run all our competitions and activities from. Sadie suggested this to make running events easier without having to pop in and distract school admin staff and the PTFA can directly email and contact participants. Sadie is going to look into the fees and payment methods and set this up as it is free to test run.
  5. Ice cream Fridays – Paul is hoping this can start soon when the weather warms up. (hoping to run from the outdoor reading area)
  6. Summer Raffle – (Possible Meat hamper, Staff hamper, cash prizes) this will be instead of the summer fayre this year due to concerns over restrictions.
  7. Money Jars – All classes will get a jar to fill with spare change, the class with the largest amount will get to keep their jar and the rest will go into PTFA funds.
  8. Bags 2 School – Justine to organise the collection for Monday 5th July 2021.
  9. Zero waste store donation – Angela is taking Year 2 class to the Exmouth Zero waste store for an exclusive zero waste shopping experience and story on why this is good for our environment. PTFA are going to make a £30.00 donation to Zero waste for closing their shop for an hour.
  10. Handwriting competition – Alison has requested £122 and PTFA have confirmed to fund the prizes for Best Girl, Best Boy and Most improved handwriting for every year. (prizes are pens)
  11. Individual banded reading books – Alison has explained the school books are in desperate need of restocking and replacing. Alison asked if they can use the Random fundraising button on ParentMail to raise some much needed funds for the books. However after much discussion PTFA agreed to pay £1,000.00 and Paul said the School will match this with another £1,000.00 for Alison to purchase books now. We have all agreed that we need to make the School Books our fundraising target for this coming year and would like to raise another £3,000.00 to replace/upgrade the school books. What this space for a fancy book fund target progress gauge.
  12. AOB: – New parents in September/New parents to the school letter to explain what the PTFA does and how they can join in/help out. Sadie, Liz, Justine and Bev have all mention that we need a little more help with events/activities and Paul is happy to put a shout out on ParentMail when needed, but is happy with having a smaller group for zoom meetings whilst we are still running everything virtually due to government restrictions.
  13. Our next Zoom meeting has been booked for Wednesday 23rd June 2021 (planning of the summer activities)