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Minutes of the PTFA Meeting

Wednesday 29th September 2021


Attended by: Justine, Liz, Sadie, Russ, Amy, Jen, Angie, Daniel, and Beverly.


  1. Apologies from Paul, Diana, Catherine, Lorraine and Alison.
  2. The Summer Raffle raised a total of £385, with a profit of £290. We had some very good donations from local businesses.  It was mentioned that a few people were disappointed with the short amount of time they had to use their vouchers that were kindly donated. This was sadly, partly due to the PTFA pushing back the date by a week to try to raise more money to match the very generous donations from local businesses.  The use of the new SumUp machine for ticket sales on the playground really helped in that extra week.  We have agreed to make sure in future to give ourselves more time to run these events (at least six weeks to allow for the admin time).  We discussed the need to send out thank yous to all the very kind businesses who donated prizes.  Russ suggested a thank you from the children (possibly via emails with a video!) Sadly, we do not have some of the businesses’ emails! Russ is going to investigate how this could work in the future and Justine/Angie is going to sort a thankyou card from the children for the moment.
  3. SumUp machine – We have had positive feedback. Parents are happy in these new times to have another way of making payments, along with ParentMail.
  4. PTA Events website – This is a brilliant website and would allow the PTFA to have more control, as well as relying less on help from the school office.  We would need at least 3 volunteers to run this and sadly we are not in a position with spare volunteers at the moment.  It was agreed that this was something to aim for in the future.  However, Daniel did make a brilliant suggestion of maybe adding a webpage to the school website for PTFA information/updates.
  5. We have raised approximately £3400 so far for the New School Books Fund - a whopping 70% of the target this year! Well done everyone!
  6. New bank account update – Liz has had no further updates from NatWest over the summer holidays, so she will chase them up, with Bev to help with phone calls where needed.
  7. Bags2School – We raised £48.00 from the last collection.  Justine to organise another collection in January 2022.
  8. Christmas card fundraising – Angie gave good feedback, from the teachers’ perspective, on the digital format now being used.  It’s crucial that the forms all go out to parents on the same day. The PTFA need the forms and payments back before October half term - Sadie and Angie sorting out emails to teachers and parents for this.
  9. Fab Bricks fundraiser – will be run after the Christmas card fundraiser, in around November time.  Sadie to check availability.
  10. Autumn disco – to be run on 9th December - KS1 5-6:15pm and KS2 6:30-8pm.  Paul to double check there is no Covid-19 restrictions on this, nearer the time.
  11. Loose Change Challenge – fantastic idea to be run again but at an earlier time in the year (Spring term), thereby allowing the class that wins a chance to enjoy their purchase more.
  12. Christmas Fair – will be planned at the next meeting on 3rd November or have a breakaway committee to organise it.
  13. Meet and greet for new parents no longer needs to be on the annual list of ideas/work. Sadie has created a lovely email that was well received, resulting in 2 new members. We will send this out as part of every meeting reminder to encourage new and old members to help.
  14. Welcome packs – Justine has suggested an idea to entice new parents to get involved, but sadly we are not sure the cost of them would result in more volunteers to our meetings/events (but will keep thinking about it and how to make it work).  However, discussion on this topic gave the fruitful idea of creating QR Codes for parents to scan for info about us and our events. Sadie to investigate this. It was agreed that not everyone has Facebook and suggested that we could possibly send emails out via ParentMail with the same update as the Facebook update, to keep the lines of communication flowing.  Also, it was suggested that regular updates on what each event raises, within a week of the event being held, would help with parents’/careers’ understanding of what we are doing and why (also, with possible pictures of the children with thanks, totals raised, etc, it might grab more attention).  The other great option would be to update the school website too.  It was particularly useful to have the fresh perspectives of two new members during this discussion. 
  15. AOB – Future fundraising ideas:


  • Angie suggested a regular uniform swap/drop once a term and to include good reusable shoes. This also helps reduce our environmental impact as a school and community.
  • Toy swap evening for adults only – with a donation pot and teas, coffees, and mince pies one evening before Christmas would be another great way to lower our environmental impact.
  • Book fair/swap/drop and fancy-dress swap – would be a great event to run a couple of weeks before World Book Day – aiming to not only reduce our parents’/carers’ stress but a great way to raise some funds via teas and coffees.
  • A Halloween/scarecrow trail has been suggested, sadly we do not have enough time or volunteers to organise. However, we would like to get our heads together to organise this for next year and possibly run a simpler version in every half term.
  • Tea towels for every class before the end of the summer term (where all the children draw themselves).  This looks like it could be a good fundraiser.,, and are all companies recommended by other PTAs for this.  Jen is going to research and organise it. 


Next meeting date: Wednesday 3rd November 2021 to plan and organise the discos and the Christmas fair.