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Minutes of PTFA AGM Wednesday 29 January 2020

Attended by – Liz, Clare, Diane, Justine, Lorraine, Pam, Jen R, Bev, Catherine, Paul and Sadie

Apologies from – Cheryl, Traci-Anna, Nic

  1. Minutes of 2019 AGM were available to read
  2. Chairman’s report on 2019 was read out by Pam Brice as follows “This year at Exeter Road School has been, shall I say, not our usual one due to the much needed building work that is going on. The fund raising has been affected by the work and because of it we were not able to have the Summer Fair but thanks to the hard work put in by all those involved the Christmas Fair was well supported as was the sale of Ice Cream and Christmas Cards. Bingo also is very popular with our parents and added to our funds. Liz Pridham our Treasurer will be able to give us the infomration on the total and what we have spent it on. There have been a lot more events I should have mentioned the discos, being just one. Thank you all very much for supporting Exeter Road School.” Thank you Pam for preparing this..
  3. The financial situation update was given by Treasurer Liz Pridham as follows:

Treasurer’s Report for Exeter Road Community Primary School PTFA AGM 29th January 2020

Financial Year 1st January 2019 to 31st December 2019

The opening balance for January 2019 for the two PTFA accounts were and cash tin:

Savings Account: £505.79

Community Account: £4025.32

Cash tin: £50

Total of both Accounts: £4,581.11 1st January 2019

Our total income generated from fundraising activities for the year was £4,348.52. This is a decrease of £642.05 on last year’s fundraising (a breakdown of these events and funds achieved is attached) this reduced fundraising amount is due not being able to hold a Summer Fair which was down to the building works on the school premises.

Discos continue to be a great success and this year’s total for the three discos was £841.08; this is a decrease of £234.84 compared to last year; maybe consider providing parents with more reminders on the run up to the disco’s.

Cake sale’s continued to be a success this year and the total raised was £165.37

As mentioned above the PTFA was unable to run a Summer Fair due to the building works being carried out in the school; however the Christmas fair was very successful raising an impressive £1446.71

Ice cream Friday also raised a good profit of (Income £207.84 – Expenditure £70) £137.84

Christmas Card project was also very profitable – £274.16

The total expenditure for the year was £4,918.87. This is a decrease on last year of £1,717.43; A breakdown of these costs are attached.

These outgoings covered expenses for the three discos, Easter Bingo, Christmas Fair, ice creams for resale.

There was also £1500 donation towards Spanish tuition and £1,000 towards swimming lessons; as well as Easter bonnet prizes, handwriting competition prizes, autograph books and Christmas crackers.

PTA subscription of £105 and Lottery licence of £20 was also given.

Thank you also to Liz for preparing the report.

  1. Election of officers –

Clare Lomas stepped down as Secretary. Beverley Eynon stated she would be happy to be the new Secretary which was proposed by Sadie and seconded by Justine.

Pam Brice stepped down as Chairperson. Justine Ford stated she would be happy to be the new Chairperson which was proposed by Liz and seconded by Clare.

Liz Pridham agreed to carry on as Treasurer for another year which was proposed by Pam and seconded by Sadie. Thank you to everyone who has stood in these positions over the year and also to Justine, Bev and Liz for taking on the positions for 2020.

At this point the AGM ended and the normal PTFA meeting began.

Minutes for PTFA meeting Wednesday 29 January 2020

  1. Attendance and apologies – as above
  2. Feedback from Christmas Fair

It was agreed by all that the Christmas Fair was a great success and a lot of hard work had gone into the preparation and planning of it. Thank you so much to all the PTFA members for the time and effort they put into the Christmas Fair preparation night back in November. Special thanks to Sadie Brown, Sarah Healey and Pam Brice for their work preparing the fair stalls – filling jars, wrapping grotto gifts, naming so many teddy bears etc. Without the hard work of our PTFA members the fairs simply could not happen!

We all agreed the grotto in a caravan worked beautifully and tickets sold out completely. Father Christmas was able to see how long the queue waiting to see him was and was therefore able to alter his time with families accordingly to fit everyone in. If used again, the position of the caravan may be reconsidered to give shelter the the queue if it rained.

All the stalls did really well and raised a fantastic total of £1446.71. Thanks again to everyone who ran a stall, donated teddies, raffle prizes or sweets and to all the children and families who spent money at the fair.

  1. Spring and summer term discos

Paul has set a date of Thursday 19 March for the spring disco. Please can you let us know if you are happy to run the key stage 1 or 2 kitchen that evening. The summer disco is provisionally booked for Thursday 9 July but this will confirmed nearer the time. The PTFA discussed the price of disco tickets and agreed they would increase this year by 50p to £3 to help cover costs and raise funds for the school.

  1. Any other business

Summer fair – Paul set a provisional date of Friday 3 July for the summer fair – this will be confirmed nearer the time.

Easter bingo – It was suggested we have another Easter bingo session as this was very popular last year and a good fundraiser. Liz will speak to staff to see if they are happy to run the event. We have a supply of bingo tickets in the PTFA cupboard so will only need to purchase prizes – some of which we may get donated by local supermarkets. A possible date of Thursday 16 April was suggested – this will be confirmed nearer the time.

Paul spoke to the PTFA of how the financial situation of the school is very tight and asked if we were happy to fund a further year of Spanish lessons and swimming lessons. The PTFA considered the funds we have in the bank and despite having less funds this year were still very happy to pay for these additional and very popular lessons for the children.

Paul would like to use the funds raised from the Spring disco to purchase books for the school library and the PTFA confirmed they were happy with this.

  1. Next meeting date is set for Wednesday 11 March at 7.30pm.

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