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PTFA Meeting Tuesday 10th November 2020 

Attended by:  Justine, Sadie, Amy, Liz, Jen and Bev

  1. Apologies from Nicola, Lorraine, Diana, Lucy, Tracy, Catherine and Paul.


  1. Sadie confirmed the Christmas Cards raised £404.50 (with 115 children involved) £140 -ish more money raised than last year.
  2. Sadie confirmed that Mufti day raised £97.


  1. Sadie confirmed the Charity bucket at Withycombe Fish Bar raised a fantastic total of £167.69 (Bev to look at sending a thank you letter/certificate from Parent Kind website to Dave and his team)


  1. Liz said there is a positive response to the Lego Bricks (PTFA gets £1 for every Lego brick ordered) 2 people will need to go through the paper work after the 27th November, as this is the deadline for parents to pay, and Sadie will confirm the date for them to be sent off by, so we have enough time to check all the forms. (Justine and Sadie will start collecting the forms to check from 20th November)
  2. *Christmas Fair will hopefully still go ahead this year, but virtually! Sadie says it needs PayPal and she and Liz are working on this. (Stalls ideas so far: – dress up your pet…)*Christmas Raffle will be run via Parent Mail, Raffle prizes already promised so far:

    *Happy Home with Blooming Kids

    *Term of Private Spanish Lessons

    *Café Nero gift set

    *Krispies Voucher

    *Cinema Voucher

    *Also smaller donations turned into hampers

    NB: Poster for Facebook Page asking for Donations to be placed in the box in the Office.

    *Amy suggested a Meat Raffle and is happy to run this.

    *Tickets for both raffles will cost £1 and will go on sale 16th November and the closing date 7th December, to then be drawn that week by Paul.  (This will be filmed for transparency and uploaded to the School and the PTFA Facebook pages.

    *Pantomime is cancelled this year and the School will be running a Christmas week instead.

  3. Crackers for Christmas Dinner are cancelled this year and we will look at revisiting this next year with an eco-friendly version.


  1. Christmas gifts for Children – We are going ahead with chocolate lollies, but they will be quarantined at least a week before giving them out. (220 children and 8 children diary free or we will buy from the health food shop in town)*Sadie suggested “Pass the parcel” (games), craft activity, treat to take home. (Party in a box for each bubble) – We think School is already covering this with their Christmas week, we have asked Liz to speak to Paul about the PTFA giving a financial contribution for this.
  2. Clothing Collection – Justine investigated various companies and we all chose to stick with Bag2School. Justine is going to phone and book a date for January collection and hopefully they will send the bags out earlier so parents can have a Christmas clear out.
  3. AOB:*Lorraine suggested a thank you for the teachers and Jen is willing to help. Liz/Amy to obtain a list of tips and name for all the staff.

    * Sadie raised feedback on the Facebook page is positive and parents are finding the reminders in there very helpful. We currently have 77 Members, so has asked we have a share with more parents to raise the numbers as we have over 200 pupils at the school.

    * Also Nikki Bond has emailed suggestion about a Silent Auction (where we post pictures and parents bid on them) due to Nikki’s work commitments she is struggling to raise prizes before Christmas,   but has suggested it waiting until the New Year, Bev will add to the Agenda for the next meeting.

    * Easyfundraising.co.uk currently raised £75 and has 50 members, so if we can share/advertise that a bit more please.

    *Sadie to set up another D/Debit for the annual membership of Parent Kind.

11.   AGM date Wednesday 20th January 2020 and follow on with PTFA afterwards – Bev to advertise it at least 30 days beforehand once Liz has confirmed the date with Paul.

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