Exeter Road Community Primary School

'Every Child Can Succeed'

Home Learning

Just because the school is closed does not mean that learning has to stop!

Story competition

While school is closed children can write a story and hand it in to their class teachers when they return, we’ll organize some prizes for the best story from each class! Younger children can write whatever they can but we expect older children, Year 3 upwards, to check their spelling and hand in the neatest version possible. They can use a computer if they wish. For Year 5 and 6 children, we expect the story to be written in clear paragraphs and to use correct punctuation for any direct speech.

Creative competition

Children could also draw or paint a picture, make a model or record a film, or anything else creative! If they bring it into school when the school reopens we’ll share their creations with the other children and award some prizes.


One of the best things that children can do in the school closure period is enjoyed books! We’d like children to read every day or share a book with an adult or older child every day. There is a link to some e-books below.

Support for Learning

You can contact your child’s teacher using the e-mail address below. The teachers will only read and respond to these during normal school opening times. If you do not have internet access then we can arrange some paper copies of things to do that can be collected from the school site. We might also be able to provide some resources in the form of pencils and paper. Please contact your child’s teacher if you require this help.

Teacher(s)/Class e-mail address
Mrs Gosling Reception Class yr@exeterroad.devon.sch.uk
Mrs Sperry/Mrs Rix Year 1 Class y1@exeterroad.devon.sch.uk
Miss Bryant Year 2 Class y2@exeterroad.devon.sch.uk
Mrs Attwood/Mrs England Year 3 Class y3@exeterroad.devon.sch.uk
Mr James/Mrs Rowsell Year 4 Class y4@exeterroad.devon.sch.uk
Mrs Rich Year 5 Class y5@exeterroad.devon.sch.uk
Mrs Alderson/Mrs Rix Year 6 Class y6@exeterroad.devon.sch.uk


Below are some useful free websites that will help children continue their learning and practise some key skills while the school is closed.

Learning Resource Year group suitability
Tables Rockstars Years 2 to 6 All Exeter Road children from Y2 upwards have a login.
Studyladder Reception upwards Free accounts on sign up, you can pay for more access.
Spellzone Years 1 to 6 Create a free account for your child, you need an e-mail address.
Kids Workouts to Do at Home All children Keep them active with these YouTube videos!
TTS Resources All children Lots of free resources to support learning at home.
Twinkl All children Lots of free resources to support learning at home.
Hit the Button Maths game
Oxford Owl All children Reading
Phonics Play Reception, Year 1 & Year 2 Free phonics activities
Teach Your Monster to Read Reception, Year 1 & Year 2 Free on desktop (costs to download on iPads)
Classroom Secrets Reception, Year 1 & Year 2 Phonics activities
Top Marks A variety of iPad/computer friendly activities for maths and literacy
ABCYa Year 1 up Maths and literacy games (can be used on iPads or computers)
Mathsphere Year 1 Printable maths worksheets, free resources, fun and games.
Cool Science Lab Year 1 Mental maths addition and subtraction (beat the clock)
Boredom Buster All children Science, technology, engineering and maths activities.
Hamilton Trust Resources All children Home learning packs
World E-Books All children Free books for children!
White Rose Maths All children Free Maths resources for home learning.
Online Resources to support Home Learning All children Lots of links to home learning resources.
TES links to Home Learning resources All children Lots of links to home learning resources.
Babcock LDP’s Maths Resources Year 1 to 6 A programme of maths activities that can be done at home.
Book Trust Year R to 3 Great online books with fun and games!
EYFS Home Pre-school to Reception Home Learning ideas and resources for younger children.
Discovering Children’s Books All children British Library website where you can explore centuries of stories, poems and illustrations.
Free Minecraft Educational Resources Older children Minecraft has released a series of free educational sessions that parents can download to help children learn at home.
BBC Bitesize Daily Lessons Year 1 up Daily lessons from the BBC.
NEU Home Learning All children The National Education Unions collection of home learning resources.
Nat West Bank Home Learning resources Age 5 to 12 Resources to help children learn about money.
Tutor Bot Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 Tutor Bot help you improve your fluency and confidence with many different Maths skills.